The Golf Course

The parklike Par 72 course can be reached within approximately 20 minutes, by car, from Frankfurt's city centre and surrounding districts.

The grounds on which the course resides are peaceful and tranquil. With an abundance of flowers, lakes and ponds the course is quite flat and easy on the feet. The air is clean and refreshing.

In total the 18 holes measure 6068 metres
from the yellow tees.

Ponds and lakes adourn the course, reaching 40,000 qm in their capacity and are an abundant home to varieties of Dragonflies and tiny fish which keep the grounds of the course free of insects, especially mosquitos.

Special features

The layout and design of the course invites you to play risk and reward or safer strategy golf. Water awaits errant and foolish shots.

Take the time to enjoy a great variety of plants, fruiting trees, flowers and general natural habitat whilst you play the game.

In almost every season nature can be enjoyed in all it's facettes and is often in abundance.

Be welcomed by an array of fruiting trees; Cherry, Plum, Mirabelle, Mulberry, Greengages, Pears and many Apples.

Upon ripeness of any sort you are welcome to take your pick and enjoy their tastes.

The Course Design

The course is a Dr. Wolfgang Siegmann design.

Each hole can be seen by selecting the numbers or by swiping the pictures to the left or right.


10 Greenkeepers attend to the course. Their work is highly regarded.

Training Facilities

Training Facilities

Complimenting the Driving Range, the Pitch & Chipping area and the Putting Green, we are also equipped with a Flight Scope and also two cutting-edge Scope-Video systems, available also for left handers, for teaching activities.

28 practice balls for the driving range can be obtained at a cost of € 1,00 for members of the club. For junior members the cost is € 0,50.
Access to the balls can be purchased in the Proshop, or if the Shop is closed, in the Secretarie's office.

Flightscope and Scope-Systems

The Flightscope is a radar tracking device which measures the flight of the ball therefore calculating the movement of the club through the impact zone. Data and Information on, for example, clubhead movement, speed, ball trajectory, spin rates and distance are extremely acurately measured and can be analysed, in conjunction with the Scope Systems visual informations, allowing incredibly excellent options for the trainer to understand what is happening during the player's shots.

The Scope system consists of two permanently installed video cameras which offer a simultaneous record of a frontal and sideway view of the player on each shot. Player and Trainer each have their own Monitors accomodating a parallel analysis and correction of the player's technique in all its variations

The software of the scope system opens up numerous possibilities of visualising the golf shot and swing technique. It is possible, for example, to review and compare the last shot to former shots or even shots from previous lessons in a parallel or overlayed way. It is also possible to compare the last swing to the swing of another player. The scope system can be considered as the best tool on the market for visual performance improvement.

The second scope system can also accomodate left-handed players. The scope systems can only be used in conjunction with a qualified Trainer.

The usage of both systems is included in the lesson fees of each of our Professionals.

Handicap Table

Handicap Tables and Ratings

The Handicap Index of each individual player coupled with the individual course rating with regard to degree of difficulty of any given course make it possible for unequal players to compete amongst one another in a fair fashion.

Rating of the Courses

To be exact, the better player must play each hole with fewer shots in order to play the hole in the same amount as the player of lesser quality.

Course-/Playing Handicap Table

Score Calculator

You'll find our Score Calculator at the Albatros Web Services (AWS)


Download the scorecard of the course here: downloaded here

Local Rules

Tournament Rules